Pet Friendly Restaurants in the Houston Area

Now that the weather is finally beginning to cool down, our pets seem to enjoy spending more and more time outside. You yourself have probably been enjoying sitting outside to eat your meals, but would make these meals more enjoyable? Having your dog right at your feet enjoying the season!

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We’ve compiled a list of some of the pet friendly restaurants in the Houston area for you and your pooch to enjoy on these blissful fall days.



1. Antidote Café


This trendy café is located in the Houston Heights! Your dogs are welcome to come visit them on leashes and enjoy their outside sitting area with some free, fresh and cold water! Website


2. Barnaby’s Café


This café located in River Oaks sounds like an oasis for dogs of all sizes! This place sounds great! Check out this review that someone left on their website:


“I needed to meet a prospective adopter. I was told that Barnaby’s was dog friendly so I thought I could give it a try. We went to Barnabys on Shepherd. A friend went early and secured a table in the shade. When I showed up with my Doberman in tow we were greeted by a very pleasant waiter who promptly brought water for me and a water bowl for my foster. Being June and hot I expected to be miserable while waiting for the adopter but with the large umbrellas and the very large fan it was quite pleasant. The waiter checked on us frequently. He brought my foster a doggie ice-cream which she thoroughly enjoyed. He quickly became her best friend and every time he pasted our table she would eagerly watch him. When the potential adopter showed up with his dog, a Doberman also, they got the same royal treatment. We ordered dinner and had a wonderful time chatting about dogs etc. There was a pug at the next table and a poodle across from us. The food was very good, the service was excellent and it was a very enjoyable experience. I would recommend it to anyone.”




3. Beck’s Prime Restaurant on Kirby Rd.



What dog wouldn’t love some fresh water and a little treat while out on an adventure? Stop by Beck’s Prime for a tasty burger on their nicely shaded outdoor patio. Website


4. No Label Brewing Co.


This  unique local brewery is operating out of an old rice silo in Katy and love to meet all of your pups! They are open every Saturday from 12-3pm for tastings, food vendors, and some live local music.  So bring your own chairs, food, and other beverages to enjoy a nice afternoon outside with family and friends! Website


5. World of Beer


These next two restaurants are located in La Centerra in Katy and are great for people AND duck watching! World of Beer has a huge outdoor patio area great for hanging out during this great season. Website


6. Zoe’s Kitchen

Also located in the bustling La Centerra in Cinco Ranch, this restaurant serves great Mediterranean style dishes wish a decent sized patio directly beside one of the lakes. Sit back and relax with your dog while you watch all the ducks waddle around. Website


Not enough suggestions? Here is a full list of all pet friendly restaurants in Texas, so no matter where you go, your dogs will be welcome somewhere! Website

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