We value your business and want to make it easy for you to refill your pet’s medications. There are several online options for requesting a refill of your pet’s medication, but you are also welcome to text or call our office for a refill as well. For your pet’s safety, we always review your pet’s records before filling prescriptions. We strive to fill these requests as quickly as possible, but please allow us up to two business days to review the record and fill the prescription. If you need a refill urgently, please call our office directly. If there is a problem filling your request, a team member will contact you. Thank you for trusting us with the care of your pet!

In Clinic Refill Request via Pet Portal

Our Pet Portal lists medications we have previously filled for each of your pets and allows a one click refill request for these medications simplifying the refill process. Simply log in or find your account then click on the correct pet (“Your Pets” section is at the bottom of your profile.) Once on your pet’s profile, you will see the prescriptions available for refill requests on the right side of your pet’s profile listed under “Prescriptions”. You can also find additional valuable resources like 24/7 access to your pets vaccine records and availability for online appointment scheduling on the Pet Portal

Home Delivery Refill Request

Our online pharmacy offers competitive pricing and convenient home delivery of your pet’s medications with no need for written prescriptions to be mailed in for approval.

In Clinic Refill Request via Website

You may use this online form to request a refill of a prescription. We do need to gather identifying information about you and your pet’s prescription when you request a refill in this format, since we cannot trace your account from this submission. You may want to consider one of the above options OR texting our office at 832-847-4170 to request a refill if you do not want to fill out all of the information in this form.

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    Please list the names, dosages and quantities of the medication(s) you are requesting.
  • Medication RequestedDosage Size/ StrengthQuantity Requested 

    Please list the names and amounts of any medication your pet is currently receiving. Also include the time your pet last received each medication.
  • Medication GivenDosage Size / StrengthTime of Last Dose 

    If you have noticed any changes in your pet’s health or behavior, please comment in the box below.
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