Scare Away the Pounds Contest

Did you know that the number one nutritional disease affecting our pets is obesity? Over 54% of pets in the US alone are obese, which can have very detrimental effects on their health and overall wellness. Join us this October to increase awareness of obesity in pets and help get pets back on track to a healthier body condition.  Keep reading for some helpful ideas to “Scare Away the Pounds.”


So how do you know if your dog or cat is overweight? This helpful link asks questions that describe the overall appearance and behavior of obese pets. The diagram below is a helpful tool used by many to decipher the general body size and wellness of a dog or cat.

Which one does your pet look like?

Which one does your pet look like?

There are a number of steps that can be taken to get your fur baby back in shape! One of the primary steps is to check that they are getting a balanced diet. Their food bags will show the ideal amount of food to give for their weight. To prevent giving them too much food, scoop the food with a measuring cup. You can even split the food into smaller servings to help with weight loss.


Aside from changing the diet, exercise is key to maintain a healthy lifestyle! Take you pooch to the park to play fetch or if there isn’t a park near to you, try to take your dog out for a walk at least once a day! To take a typical walk up a notch, try doing intervals of walking, jogging and running. Not only will your dog love the change of pace, but you’ll get a bit of a workout in as well! Cats may be a bit more difficult to get active, so you may need to try out a few different exercises.  Use a cat laser or small flashlight and let your little hunter chase it around the room. Some cats love to jump, so using a toy that dangles from a string will be a great way to get them soaring!


For more tips and tricks of weight loss for your pets, go to the Hills Pet Nutrition website.


Contest Announcement:

For the month of October, we will be having a Scare Away the Pounds contest! When you purchase a bag or a case of cans of the Hills Metabolic feline or canine food, your name will be placed into a drawing to win a free bag/case of food! In addition, if you bring in your pet wearing a Halloween costume, you will win a free bag of Hills Metabolic treats! If your dressed up pet is overweight, their name will also be placed in the drawing for the free bag of food!



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